spring equinox & spring cleaning

At work the other day, we commented on how beautiful the garden across the street was beginning to look. A handful of volunteers dedicate their time to planting, pruning and watering this little sloped public garden in the middle of the city. It's always full of gorgeous evergreen plants and trees, but it's the riot of colour in the summer that seems to catch most people's eyes.

Spring is a wonderful time of year but I've been feeling unusually... down. Restless. I'm not sure why or how I can fix it, but I have a feeling it might be something to do with the amount of clutter and stuff we seem to have accumulated. 

It doesn't help that we're renting, and the landlord has left a whole bunch of furniture, artwork, kitchenwares and everything basically, that isn't really our style. I'm going to take advantage of the season and really get stuck into spring cleaning over the next couple of weeks: streamlining our furniture, boxing up our landlord's stuff that we don't want/can't use, and selling or donating a lot of our stuff too.

I'll be looking to William Morris and Marie Kondo for inspiration: if it's neither beautiful nor useful, it goes. Unless it's our landlord's, of course, in which case I'll just grumble and shove it in a cupboard so I don't have to think about it any more. 


Also, how perfect is this bathroom? GOALS.